Transport for NSW

Blended and Responsive eLearning | Learning Solutions | Documentation

We were brought onboard to support the change and find a solution to help staff use the software.


Capability Analysis | Blended and Responsive eLearning | Learning Solutions

We fused interactivity with ‘live-action’ animations and use collaborative problems solving to learn switchyard safety in a new way.

Sydney Trains

Change and Capability | Leadership and Coaching | Learning Solutions | Documentation

We used the Lean Six Sigma methodology to help business leaders bring change and efficiency throughout the organisation.

Change, Development and Learning Services

Change and Capability Solutions

We use a range of tools to analyse and find solutions to change and capability issues, tackling the simple to the wicked problems. Our tool kit includes Design Thinking, Six Sigma, and Collaboration and Interactive methodologies.

Leadership and Coaching Solutions

We design, delivery and coach leadership programs and short courses.

Simulation Training

We design and run immersive simulations and discussion exercises for all levels from executive to operational teams. Our simulations and discussion exercises include black start, evacuation and emergency response.

Blended and Responsive eLearning Solutions

We design mobile and eLearning solutions for leadership programs, professional development, operational/technical training, legislative compliance training and software implementation.

Learning Solutions

We use various needs analysis tools to identify need, design training strategy and develop programs and courses. We facilitate workshops and measure and evaluate solutions.


We use a range of tools for analysis, mapping and redesign of process.

TransGrid, Training Manager

We have recently begun to utilise eLearning as a method of delivery for critical safety related training and Cassey Consulting have been instrumental in developing highly interactive training.

Sydney Trains, Senior Project Manager

The outcomes achieved by our change program would not have been possible without Cassey Consulting's services.

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