Essential Energy


The need

Design an immersive simulation for our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) on black start that draws out the complexities of a black start and the impact of team and individual styles on coordinating a successful response.

Behind the Scenes

The NSW electrical transmission and distribution providers knew that the predicted high temperatures of the approaching summer required a targeted and specific approach to preparedness.

Our Work

We worked with our stakeholders to scope the approach and from here identified our design and delivery team. We then engaged with our stakeholders to develop the high level structure, and articulate the engagement and facilitation strategy.

Working with Essential’s subject matter experts we developed and tested the scenario ensuring we presented the ELT with a range of realistic procedural and wicked problems. We identified resources, briefed and prepared the executive and auxiliary roles, documented the scenario, set up the simulation environment and ran the simulation.

Post the simulation we conducted debrief sessions with the ELT and prepared and presented our report.


The scenario delivered an immersive experience with the project Sponsor and ELT rating the simulation highly successful in terms of learning about the complexities of a black start and the impact of their own and team styles in coordinating a successful response.

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