Jobs for NSW

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The need

Jobs for NSW changed their product offerings and were gearing up for the product relaunch. Training was required. The Director of Client Engagement identified that the training needed to address not only product knowledge but also how staff understood and practiced client engagement. There solution needed to be flexible.

Behind the Scenes

We had supported Jobs for NSW design and develop the solution for the initial launch of their product offerings. The Director, impressed by our work come back to us for the relaunch project. A strategic outcome of the training was to challenge the narratives staff adopted. These narratives limited client understanding of the product offerings value and the uptake of products.

Our Work

We worked with the stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts to design an interactive webinar and a face to face workshop. Using interactive and collaborative methodologies we engaged learners in a flipped classroom experience, removed threat triggers associated with status and autonomy, enabled peer learning and achieved a shift in both the cognitive and affective domains.

We innovated with the webinar presentation by inserting code that enabled the facilitator to insert team scores that progressively accumulated and record team feedback directly into the presentation making it visible to all.


Over 40 Business Development Managers (BDM) trained, highly valuing the experiencing and requesting additional webinars.

Webinar Facilitator Guide

With instructions on how to use the technology and innovations in the presentation.

Face to Face Facilitator Guide

Developed and delivered covering the two solutions and the different user groups.

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