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Change and Capability Solutions

Change and Capability Analysis

We use a range of tools to analyse and find solutions to change and capability issues, tackling the simple to the wicked problems. Our tool kit includes Design Thinking, Six Sigma, and Collaboration and Interactive methodologies.

Change and Capability Solutions

We design capability solutions for organisations and for specific groups and purposes including leadership, professional, technical and legislative compliance.

Our client industries include Electrical Transmission and Distribution, Transport and Logistics, Building and Construction, Information Technology.

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Leadership and Coaching Solutions

Design, delivery and coaching of leadership, programs and short courses.

We skilfully balance theory and models with practical application and excel in working on programs that combine the people, business and process improvement challenges.

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Simulation Training

Immersive Simulations and Discussion Exercises

We design and run immersive simulations and discussion exercises for all levels from executive to operational teams. Our simulations and discussion exercises include black start, evacuation and emergency response.

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Blended and Responsive eLearning Solutions

We design mobile and eLearning solutions for leadership programs, professional development, operational/technical training, legislative compliance training and software implementation.

Our designs engage learners incorporating on-job, experiential learning, collaboration, interactivity and multimedia elements such as video and animation.

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Learning Solutions

We use various needs analysis tools to identify need, design training strategy, develop programs and courses, facilitate workshops and measure and evaluate solutions.
We create the right mix of opportunities for engagement utilising webinars, open house, peer to peer, online micro learning and activities, interactive infographics and workshops.

We provide learning solutions for Initial employment training, Onboarding, Professional and soft skills development, Legislative and compliance training, Software and app implementation.

Initial employment training

We design learning solutions for professional, technical and customer facing roles. Our client industries include Transports and Logistics, Electricity, Health, Fire and Emergency, Education, Construction and Government Sector.

Onboarding training

Our learning solutions cover the full scope of Onboarding including organisational values, standards, products and services and frameworks, policy and procedure.

Professional Development and Soft Skill Training

Our professional and soft skill development address areas such as problem solving, customer focus, interpersonal and communications including writing skills and successful performance conversations, organisational skills, and adaptability skills.

Legislative and Compliance Training

We design learning solutions to meet security, workplace health and safety, environment and bullying and harassment legislative requirements.

Application and software implementation

We’ve effectively supported our clients manage change and successfully implement SAP, ServiceNow, Kronos, ipSCAPE, PowerSoft, GIS, Security Monitoring and SCADA software, and commercial and in house apps.
We create the right mix of opportunities for engagement and adoption utilising methods such as open house, peer to peer, online micro learning, interactive guides and face to face training.

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We use a range of tools for analysis, mapping and redesign of process. The documentation we deliver is strategically aligned, always compliant with the most current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), user friendly and relevant.

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Some of our recent projects:

Transport for NSW

Blended and Responsive eLearning | Learning Solutions | Documentation

We were brought onboard at Transport for NSW to find a solution to train users on a new software implementation.


Capability Analysis | Blended and Responsive eLearning | Learning Solutions

We used simulations that fused interactivity with ‘live-action’ animations to learn switchyard safety in a new way.

Essential Energy


An immersive simulation for our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) on black start that draws out the complexities of a black start and the impact of team and individual styles on coordinating a successful response.