Sydney Trains Lean Six Sigma Program

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The need

The organisation wanted to embed Lean Six Sigma. Resources existed but limitations had been identified. The organisation needed a different approach and a different set of resources.

Behind the Scenes

Many People Managers and Project Managers had been through Lean Six Sigma Training. The organisation struggled with supporting its Managers implement their training and Managers struggled with achieving certification.

Our Work

Working with the Project Sponsor we mapped out the resources required to effectively support delivery of knowledge in the face to face training sessions and on-job transfer.

We workshopped content and imagery with the Project Sponsor and Subject Matter Experts, designing images for concepts that had never been visually articulated and connecting theoretical knowledge with its practical application in Sydney Trains.

We developed an image library to ensure a common visual language when discussing process improvement.

We developed a technical handbook for mangers, clearly linking organisational processes and practices with lean concepts and approaches and consolidating the Lean tools into a compendium facilitating the easy and accessible access to information.

We developed a project template and checklists to support managers as they stepped into applying their knowledge to projects.

We redesigned the Training presentations, ensuring clear messages that built in complexity and focused on developing a holistic understanding.


We transformed the Lean Six Sigma methodology into a visual language, helping business leaders discuss and deliver efficiencies.

Training Modules

Clear and easy to understand layouts to facilitate learning.

Conceptual Illustrations

Imagery to symbolise concepts and to connect relevant ideas through the use of shapes and colour.

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Some of our recent projects:

Transport for NSW

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We were brought onboard at Transport for NSW to find a solution to train users on a new software implementation.


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We used simulations that fused interactivity with ‘live-action’ animations to learn switchyard safety in a new way.

Essential Energy


An immersive simulation for our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) on black start that draws out the complexities of a black start and the impact of team and individual styles on coordinating a successful response.