Welcome to Cassey Consulting! I’m Libby Cassey, the passionate founder behind our journey. It all began in 2006, ignited by a childhood shaped by curiosity and an insatiable thirst for understanding. Brush-offs like ‘that’s just the way it was’ fuelled my intrigue—how could I make sense of the story without all the details? This early dilemma ignited a lifelong exploration into the bias of learning and the powerful intersection of education, communication and change.

As my career unfolded across continents and diverse programs—from knowledge translation to cultural change, workforce development, and transformation—I unearthed a critical insight. Nuanced communication and leadership skills are not just desirable but pivotal in driving organisational success. This realisation became the cornerstone of Cassey Consulting’s vision—to bridge the gap between organisational vision and tangible results by harnessing collective perspectives and fostering transformative learning experiences.

At Cassey Consulting, our collective project in education and change is to cultivate critical thinkers, compassionate global citizens, and innovative problem-solvers. We empower individuals to address societal challenges, promote equity, and advance sustainable development for a thriving future.

We excel in delivering results that matter. Our structured approach to co-design seamlessly integrates diverse views, enabling us to craft sustainable solutions that drive meaningful change. Drawing upon a multidisciplinary team spanning change management, neuroscience, creative media, educational psychology, and technology, we nurture both technical proficiency and interpersonal skills, ensuring inclusive and impactful learning outcomes.

But we don’t stop at delivering solutions—we’re committed to connecting vision with delivery, ensuring successful practice improvement, and fostering positive change. Our track record speaks for itself, with tangible results that have transformed organisations and empowered individuals to reach new heights.

Join us on this journey of discovery and transformation. Let’s unlock the full potential of your organisation, together.

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