Greetings, I’m Libby Cassey, and back in 2006, I embarked on a mission: to bridge the gap between organisational vision and tangible results.

Cassey Consulting was born from a fusion of expertise in change, neuroscience, education, systems thinking, and creative media. With this unique diversity and healthy pragmatism, our approach fosters expansive conversations that lead to genuine solutions and actionable strategies.

Before Cassey Consulting, I faced challenges both in Australia and overseas, tackling issues ranging from developing industry capabilities to addressing organisational risk. What became apparent was that, despite good intentions, challenges often resulted in underwhelming outcomes. Broad perspectives were overlooked, necessary experts weren’t engaged, and crucial systems were often neglected. As a consequence, the vision’s aspirations remained unfulfilled, and people were left disappointed.

At Cassey Consulting, we prioritise the essentials: thorough analysis, solution design, meticulous implementation, and comprehensive evaluation. By bringing together the right expertise in collaborative efforts, we co-design solutions that are not just supported but are effective and impactful. We’re dedicated to seamlessly connecting vision with delivery, ensuring successful practice improvement, and fostering positive change.

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