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Evaluate the impact of the Aboriginal Health Television Network on health outcomes for Indigenous people.

The need

The Aboriginal Health Television Network (AHTV) provides culturally relevant health messaging in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services. The messaging aims to improve health literacy. The pilot period was concluded, and an evaluation was requested.

The evaluation was a collaboration between Elyssebeth Leigh and Cassey Consulting.

Our Work 

The key evaluation deliverables were consumer acceptance, AMS acceptance and cultural relevance and appropriateness of content.

The agreed methodology and approach incorporated elements from Tonic Health Media and the collaboration team.

The evaluation process was guided by specific ethical principles that apply to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities. Additionally, evaluation standards including those of the Australasian Evaluation Society were applied to increase the quality of the evaluation practice.

A mixed-methods evaluation was used comprising an online cross-sectional survey of AMS healthcare consumers and in-depth semi-structured interviews with AMS staff.

The analysis focused on validating the success of AHTV and exploring directions for enhancing and improving AHTV’s services and achievement of aims.

The quantitative results from the survey and the qualitative results from the interviews were coded and mapped to the three key evaluation areas, cultural appropriateness and relevance, engagement and acceptance, and health literacy improvement.

The qualitative results from the interviews supplemented and provided context to the survey results.


Evaluation report with recommendations

Tonic Health Media CEO

‘I think the report provides an excellent evaluation of AHTV with some good recommendations for future development of the network.’


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Participating healthcare consumers from rural, remote, and metropolitan locations
Staff interviewed from Aboriginal Medical Services across Australia

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