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The need

The industry Power System Safety Rules (PSSR) had been revised. A capability matrix, analysis of training needs and a solution focused on behavioural outcomes was required to support the new direction. The training solution had to provide gap training – initial cross over from old to new, certification training and recertification training.

Behind the Scenes

A fatality had occurred which resulted in a major change to the industry Power System Safety Rules (PSSR). The Executive General Manager wanted to shift the focus of both the Rules and the training to incorporate human factors.

Transgrid Project - Activity Asset
Non digital material created for Transgrid training.

Our Work

We established the cultural change direction with stakeholders and developed the analysis tool. The tool identified and quantified the knowledge, skills and behaviours required and the gap between the ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ state.

We conducted and validated the analysis and used the results to develop high level strategy documents articulating target audiences, training approach, training outcomes and results of mapping to National Units of Competency. We then met with stakeholders to present and discuss implications of results.

We worked with subject matter experts to develop content and continued to work with them and identified stakeholders as we developed scripts, branching scenarios, storyboards, characters, motion graphics, animations, video, activities and assessments for the eLearning and face to face modules.

We completed our QA processes and conducted pilots and UAT, prepared reports on testing recommending changes and met with stakeholders to finalise product details.

We completed production of all collateral, delivered train-the-trainer sessions and handed over finalised quality assured products.


The Executive General Manager Network Services and Operations praised the modules for their innovation and effectiveness in changing behaviours.

Capability Matrix

Detailing requirements for a total of 25 work roles.

Strategy Documents

Describing outcomes, delivery methodology and assessment requirements as well as compliance requirements e.g. legislation and procedures.

Face to Face Modules

Including Facilitator Guides, Presentations, Participant Workbooks, Handouts, On-job Trainer Guides, On-job Participant Guides and Assessments.

Multimedia Modules

Multimedia animations, video, motion graphics and visual effects.

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