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The need

Going live with two software systems, ServiceNow and ipSCAPE, the project identified that the resources supporting front end and back end users were inadequate. With 6 weeks to go-live a full set of support resources were required.

Behind the Scenes

The project had been hit with a number of challenges. In the 3 months prior to our engagement the challenges included a recent change in the project lead, an unfilled change manager role, and a go-live date that was now between implementation waves of other enterprise software.

Our Work

We engaged with the key stakeholders to understand need. We worked with the project team, inclusive of the digital consultancy company to develop a strategy that would ensure each support element was identified, ready when required and communicated to target audiences.

Our work included developing a strategy and feedback loop to support the business during the implementation phase, developing the training strategy, supporting development of the face to face training schedule, delivering train-the-trainer, supporting face to face delivery, developing leader and participant guides, presentations and course evaluations, designing a branded splash page and creating the web pages to host e-resources and developing the e-resources inclusive of user guides, quick reference guides and online tutorials.


A successfully supported implementation to over 3000 people.

Categories of Train

Developed and delivered Train-the-Trainer and Super User training for each software solution.

Categories of Face to Face Training Materials

Developed and delivered covering the two solutions and the different user groups.

Integrated Learning Hub Web Pages

Branded, seamless and easy to navigate site that was integrated into the software Help section.

Interactive Online Tutorials

Interactive and self-paced online tutorials for common tasks.

Quick Reference Guides and Interactive User Manuals

Easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions for common tasks.

Knowledge Maps

To create an inventory of the knowledge and tasks performed by different groups.

Sydney Trains

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We used the Lean Six Sigma methodology to help business leaders bring change and efficiency throughout the organisation.


Capability Analysis | Blended and Responsive eLearning | Learning Solutions

We used simulations that fused interactivity with ‘live-action’ animations to learn switchyard safety in a new way.

Essential Energy


An immersive simulation for our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) on black start that draws out the complexities of a black start and the impact of team and individual styles on coordinating a successful response.